La storia di Riso I Ferrari

The history of Riso I Ferrari



The history of "iFerrari" has its roots in the experience and peasant tenacity of Angelo Mario Ferrari, an award-winning rice grower for more than 50 years as a producer of certified seed rice grown in Sardinia. Angelo Mario Ferrari's company was born when, after working with his father Giovanni, a farmer from Brescia who arrived in Sardinia to cultivate the land, he decided to start his own business by purchasing the Pinna Manna agricultural estate in the Oristano plain, with land overlooking the Gulf, an area particularly suited to rice cultivation thanks to its climatic conditions: «It's all thanks to the mild climate, the sun and the mistral wind that sweeps the rice fields and helps keep the plants clean, reducing diseases» explains Angelo Mario.
In 1978 he became co-founder of the Sardo Piemontese Sementi (Sapise) Cooperative, leader in Italy in the sector and award-winning for rice seeds, with which the iFerrari Company still works, continuing with a high quality standard.


Together with his children Giovanni (production manager), Daniela (accounting manager), Marinella (administrative manager), and Carlo (commercial manager), he has been marketing high quality rice for about 10 years: «We have chosen to focus for the moment on the most important varieties in the sector. – underlines Carlo Ferrari – Artemide and Ermes rice have been patented by our cooperative, in the Sapise research center in Vercelli. Artemide is a black, brown, aromatic, fragrant rice rich in anthocyanins, antioxidants of the flavonoid family. Ermes is a wholemeal and aromatic red rice, like black rice which is also rich in anthocyanins. Carnaroli, ideal for risottos, Apollo, the aromatic characterized by the long grain and Arborio, a great classic of the Italian tradition».
A history of excellence that of "iFerrari", which dedicate their time to improvement, investing in quality, adopting a production with reduced environmental impact, certified "National Quality System Integrated Production", and using 100% renewable energy; thanks to the huge effort they have put into the research and care of each product, resistant and highly perfumed qualities have been developed.

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