Mixed shopping box 12 pieces of ½ KG - PREMIUM


Prova la nostra Confezione Spesa Mista 12 pezzi. Prova tutti i nostri sapori tradizionali della Sardegna.
La confezione premium comprende: 2 pz Carnaroli, 2 pz Arborio, 2 pz Apollo Aromatico, 3 pz Ermes, 3 pz Artemide.



Di più sui nostri risi:

Apollo is a variety of aromatic rice characterized by a long grain. It is ideal for the preparation of risottos, single dishes, rice salads or side dishes. Its unmistakable flavor makes it unique for the preparation of fish or meat dishes with a delicate taste. Due to its particular aroma it can also be enjoyed boiled seasoned with olive oil and pecorino cheese.

Arborio rice is ideal for al dente risotto, timbales and soups. Extremely versatile, it is characterized by its unmistakable large beans and its high (high) yield.

Carnaroli rice is ideal to prepare Italian risotti. The large and compact grains guarantee an extraordinary consistency during cooking. The high amulose content allows to cook until creamy by low-fat adding. It is also excellent to prepare soups, casseroles and salt cakes.

Ermes wholemeal is a red rice that comes from the cross between Venere rice and an indica type rice. It is an aromatic, fragrant rice with a long and narrow grain, characterized by a red pericarp, rich in anthocyanins. It has a particular flavor and an almost sweet taste, which is why it is excellent next to strong-flavored foods such as fish or legumes and despite cooking it remains crunchy.

Riso Artemide integrale è ideale per insalate di riso, contorni e piatti unici abbinati a pesce, carne, verdure, formaggi. Ottimo anche per i dolci. Si consiglia di farlo lessare per circa 35 minuti e poi di farlo saltare in padella con i più svariati ingredienti. È integrale, aromatico, profumato e ricco di antociani, antiossidanti della famiglia dei flavonoidi.


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