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Where does the water that floods our rice fields come from?

Where does the water that floods our rice fields come from?

The water that irrigates our rice fields comes from the Tirso river.

Thanks to the "Eleonora d'Arborea" dam (located in "Cantoniera" in the territory of the municipality of Busachi, province of Oristano), the use of the waters of the Tirso river is aimed at irrigating the districts of Oristano, Arborea and Terralba , as well as for hydroelectric use, drinking water and flood lamination (source: Consorzio di Bonifica dell'Oristanese).

We know how much water is a precious and fundamental element for human life and for our Planet.

We rice growers try to do our part by avoiding waste through careful and constant monitoring of the submersion water level present in the paddy field.

Contrary to what one might think seeing the large expanses of fresh water, the paddy field does not represent a waste of water, but rather it is an example of reuse and savings "proving to be the crop that optimizes its use better than any other. of water resources ”(study by the Est Sesia irrigation association).
In fact, most of the water is absorbed by the ground, and the excess water is actually reused several times through the drains.

Furthermore, the flooded paddy field represents a very important habitat for maintaining the biodiversity of the Sardinian territory in which we find ourselves: the wetlands of the Gulf of Oristano and the Sinis peninsula.

For all these reasons, we at Riso I Ferrari use a land management plan aimed at safeguarding biodiversity: Integrated Production? (SQNPI - operational since 2016 at Community level, which governs production with a view to having a lower impact on humans and the environment).

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