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Digital innovation in the paddy field: the second phase is underway

Digital innovation in the paddy field: the second phase is underway


During 2020 we at Riso iFerrari participated (as the only rice company) in the innovative work plan born from the collaboration of MEDSEA (Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation), Coldiretti Oristano and Liverani Servizi, which aimed to reduce water consumption in agriculture and ensure the protection of the environment.

The experimental techniques "fielded" by the project involved the use of the remotely piloted aircraft system (SAPR), which, through the use of the drone, made it possible to monitor the health of crops in a precise and detailed manner. The data collected in flight, such as the vitality index of the rice, its water stress, possible attacks by pathogens, the humidity and the temperature of the soil, have proved to be very important for the improvement of productivity and quality as well as reduction of company costs and reduction of environmental impacts.

Today, we are proud to be able to continue with the second phase of this important innovative reality developed within "Maristanis", an international cooperation project for the protection and integrated management of the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Oristano.

“The first phase gave great results - says our manager Carlo Ferrari - as it allowed us to constantly monitor the health of the rice. From sowing to harvest, Andrea Liverani and his drones have been a great help, concretely found in the analysis of 2020 production. This year we enter the second phase of the project, considerably multiplying the amount of hectares involved and expanding the presence of new professional figures specialized in the field of precision agriculture and water management in the agricultural and industrial fields (Smart Geo Survey SRL). We strongly believe in the use of precision agriculture through the use of drones as the surrounding area represents an element of value to be protected, starting with the ecosystems of which the rice fields represent a great reality of biodiversity. We have always had an eye for the issue of environmental protection, and thanks also to this opportunity, our production is increasingly sustainable ".

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