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Precision agriculture, an Oristano pride



On 6 October, the iFerrari Rice Company had the pleasure of hosting Francesco Vincenzi, President of A.N.B.I. (National Association of Land and Irrigated Water Management and Protection Consortia) accompanied by a delegation of directors and presidents belonging to the Emilia Romagna Reclamation Consortia. The group, made up of 60 people, organized a tour in Sardinia and chose to visit our rice farm intrigued and attracted by the new precision farming techniques that allow the careful use of water and environmental protection - objectives to which we have been aiming for some time.
The techniques we use for precision agriculture arise from participation in the innovative work plan born from the collaboration of MEDSEA (Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation), Coldiretti Oristano and Liverani Servizi, and have the goal of reducing water consumption in agriculture and reducing the environmental impact of crops. The work plan was developed within the "Maristanis" project, an international cooperation project for the protection and integrated management of the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Oristano.
Thanks to the presence and availability of Andrea Liverani ( drone pilot expert belonging to the Smart Geo Survey SRL), it was possible to do a simulation with the drone directly on the rice field. Andrea, winner of the National Green Oscar promoted by Coldiretti Giovani, explained that through the use of the drone, it is possible to monitor the health of crops in a precise and detailed way. The data collected in flight are transmitted to a software which in turn crosses them with other data transmitted by multispectral sensors concerning the solar radiation and the response of the plants. This information reveals the vitality index of the rice, its water stress, any attacks by pathogens, the humidity and temperature of the soil. Already 10-15 days after sowing it is possible to make the first surveys allowing to intervene promptly and in a localized manner if necessary.
The visit took place during an important phase of the rice-growing chain: harvesting. The guests were also able to witness the harvest and with great enthusiasm also the drying of the rice.

In the photo, from left: Andrea Liverani - winner Oscar Green Coldiretti Giovani Impresa | Carlo Ferrari - commercial manager of Riso iFerrari | Giovanni Ferrari - in charge of iFerrari rice production | Gioele Chiar i - agronomic area - environmental channel Emilia Romagna

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