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The nesting of the knights of Italy.

Walking through the rice fields of Sardinia is equally so.

Walking through the rice fields of Sardinia is equally so.

Enjoying the sounds of nature , its colors and all its inhabitants always has a positive effect on human beings . In addition to the numerous sightings of many different species of birds , you can meet hares, many dragonflies and small frogs along the path that can be traveled on foot or by bicycle. During the flooding period, you will be fascinated by the suggestive game of mirrors in the rice fields that reflect clouds, birds, trees and unforgettable sunsets .

A few days ago, right on the bank of a paddy field within our company we made a pleasant discovery: many knights' nests Italy and close to them mothers and chicks .

The knights of Italy are small water birds characterized by an elegant appearance given by their long pink / red legs (which can reach 30 cm in length). Their favorite habitats are swamps, lagoons, wetlands and they also easily adapt to environments such as rice fields and salt marshes. In short, they feed on insects, molluscs and worms nelle risaie trovano tanto cibo e per questo ormai sono una presenza fissa.

Thanks to the climate and to the many projects aimed at sustainable management of wetlands , such as those of the MEDSEA Foundation (with which we collaborate in the Maristanis international cooperation project for the protection and integrated guidance of the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Oristano), in Sardinia they have now stabilized throughout the year and nest periodically proving less fearful of humans year after year.

Their nesting in rice fields is a positive response of daily coexistence between innovative and digital crops and nature , where we respect each other by showing that things are going in the right direction to ensure an future ever more respectful of the environment through sustainable agriculture.

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