Riso iFerrari vince il premio Impresa e Sostenibilità 2023. -

Riso iFerrari wins the 2023 Business and Sustainability award.

Riso I Ferrari receives the Egos 2023 “Enterprise and sustainability” award reserved for companies that have distinguished themselves for the creation of innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial projects. The award is an initiative promoted by the Cagliari-Oristano Chamber of Commerce as part of the 39th edition of the annual Egos Colloquium, which was held in Cagliari from 6 to 8 July 2023, with the organization of the University of Cagliari and in particular with the staff of CREA, the University Service Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and with the collaboration of the Department and the Research and Territory Directorate of the University. 

The General Secretary of the Cagliari-Oristano Chamber of Commerce Cristiano Erriu and the Director of the University Service Center for innovation and entrepreneurship Maria Chiara Di Guardo: "we reward a company that stands out for the constant and continuous improvement of product quality with absolute respect for the environment". Also present was the internationally renowned artist Manu Invisible in charge of creating a work of art dedicated to the "good life" which will be hosted in front of the Bastione of Cagliari on the occasion of the Egos 2023 event.

The Oristano rice company iFerrari confirms its high quality also for this 2023 with an award-winning and certified production starting from the seed up to the finished product that reaches the tables of consumers through a 100% traceable supply chain.

The recognition was awarded for the positive impact generated by the company on the territory and the contribution to sustainable development in the agriculture sector.

The ceremony was attended by 9 other companies that have distinguished themselves in the fields of catering, agriculture and sustainable construction. Key elements were considered for the evaluation:

  • the creation of positive relationships between the company and the community, also through the development of projects shared with local players (public bodies, associations, etc.);
  • the benefits in terms of environmental, cultural or economic impact brought by the company to the territory in which it operates;
  • the benefits in social/welfare terms produced by the company for the community of people (internal or external to the company) with which it relates.


“The awards received represent a great satisfaction for us and a stimulus to try to always do better, especially in the field of innovation. Our thanks go to all those who choose us by trusting our products and our production, and of course to all our great team.

We have been producing rice from certified seed grown in Sardinia for more than 50 years, in the last few years of which we have invested time and resources in taking care of the "cultural" transition. It is necessary to believe that the objective is no longer to increase the quintals produced per hectare, but to make the company sustainable not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic and social point of view. For this reason we have equipped ourselves with a photovoltaic system that has covered the roofs of the company warehouses since 2012, thanks to which we produce the energy necessary to satisfy the entire production process in total autonomy. In addition to adhering to the National Integrated Production Quality System (which regulates production at a national and community level, reducing its impact on humans and the environment), and the use of precision agriculture for the optimization of harvest, reduction of waste of water resources and reduction of the use of fertilizers; we have become part of the MedSea Foundation's "Blue Community", a network of entrepreneurs and companies with a common objective: the sustainable development of Sardinia", concludes Carlo Ferrari, commercial director of the company.

The iFerrari company has received many awards over the years, including the Special Award for Rice Product Innovation at the Sardinia Food Awards 2022 and the Special Mention in the Rice Farms Category at the "Italy Food Awards 2023" awards gala.

The history of Riso iFerrari has its roots in the experience and peasant tenacity of Angelo Mario Ferrari, an award-winning rice grower for more than 50 years as a producer of certified seed rice grown in Sardinia.

Today the iFerrari company carries on its tradition with integrity, respecting nature and the environment through experimentation and research as constant inspiration in its sustainable project to ensure consumers the quality they deserve.

Research that has led the company, in addition to the marketing of the rice line "I Chicchi d'Angelo", to begin a process of processing rice derivatives by creating a new product, a 100% Sardinian rice snack, not fried, gluten free and 100% vegetable: "Le Nuvole d'Angelo" (produced entirely within the company iFerrari and winner of the aforementioned award "For Innovation of Rice Products").

The recognition obtained at the Italy Food Awards certifies the high quality of both the "I Chicchi d'Angelo" table line and the "Le Nuvole d'Angelo" rice snacks by Riso iFerrari and adds to the Certificate of Excellence received on 14 February for the category "Production of rice from certified seed" which the National Rice Body (National Body for the promotion and protection of the agricultural sector) wanted to award to the company Risicola Oristano for the excellence of its seed rice production.


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